Traveler FAQ
Q1: What is your Cancellation policy?
A1: Please refer to our cancellation policy section in Terms & Conditions.

Q2: What would happen if I won a bid?
A2: Your bid will turn into a confirmed booking if you are the highest bidder on the awarding date, or the host will accept your bid before the award date. Once either one of them happens, your bid will turn into a confirmed booking, then it will work just like any other direct booking.


Q3: How do I calculate awarding date?
A3: It is simple, there are two factors to be considered the date that you placed the bid and your arrival date. It is the first Wednesday you encounter after your booking once you are in the interval (33 days-8 days), to explain more:

  • If you place a bid while there is more than 27 days till your arrival date all Wednesdays, you encounter will be ignored till you are in the interval of 27 days or less left to your arrival date it is the first Wednesday you encounter.
  • If you place a bid while there is less than 27 days or less but more than 8 days till your arrival date, in this case it will be the first Wednesday you encounter.
  • If you want to place a bid while there is less than 8 days till your arrival date unfortunately you will not be able to place a bid.

But do not worry our platform will display the awarding date when you visit a particular property. Therefore, you do not need to calculate the awarding date. (See bid awarding date attachment for more clarification)


Q4: Why am I not able to place a bid?
A4: it might be any of the following reason:
1. please make sure that there is at least eight days left for your arrival date.
2. You need to place a bid with price per night higher than the ‘book now’ price for you to be the highest bidder.

Q5: Can I win a bid before awarding date?
A5: Yes, a message will be sent to the host that you have placed a bid and he can accept you bid before the awarding date.

Q6: What is a bidding schedule?
A6: bidding schedule allows you to see what bids are placed during the months with prices so you can choose a date with ‘no bids’ so you can get better deals.

Q7: Why I am seeing properties listing only in UAE and not around the world?
A7: For now, we are only operating in UAE, but you will soon find us at other location around the world.

Q8: Do I have to pay extra for Taxes or VAT?
A8: No, the price you pay is inclusive of taxes.


Q9: What happens if I am the highest bidder in the awarding date?

A9: If you are highest bidder on awarding date, your bid will be converted to a confirmed booking just like any other booking.

Q10: Can I Cancel my bid?
A10: No, in order to be fair with everyone and giving all our members fair competition, we decided to have only committed people to bid.

Q11: In which time zone the awarding date is calculated?
A11: G.M.T, but this has nothing to do with your arrival date and check out date. It is based on where area you are staying. It is for us to calculate the awarding date accurately for all users around the world with different time zones.


Q12: What are periods? When does it consider that I am bidding in the same period with someone else?

A12: A period is a range of dates excluding the check-out dates. It is considered that both users and bidding in the same period if they have common dates in between them excluding checkout dates, see the table below for more illustration:


User A check-in/check-out dates

User B check-in/check-out dates

Are there any common dates excluding check out dates?

Same period(yes/No)

















Q13: How I can win a bid?
A13: you need to be the highest bidder during the awarding date, the highest bidder will be determined by the total booking price (number of nights*price per night) not by the highest price per night, so your bid price per night may be higher than the others but you still lose the bid because your total is less.


Q14: Why I can’t bid for more than 30 Days

A14: Unfortunately, you can’t bid for more than 30 days since our platform is made for short term rental, but the good news is you can split you stay in to two bids if you are stay for more 30 days.




Host FAQ
Q1: How can I list my space?
A1: It’s simple, just register on our platform, switch to the hosting mode from settings and the application will take you through step-by-step process.

Q2: Do I have to pay Taxes and VAT?
A2: Yes, each host must pay his own taxes. Bid to Stay will not pay any tax to government or institution on behalf of the Host.

Q3: How much I will be paid for each booking?
A3: The Host will determine his own property price without Bid to Stay fees. Bid to Stay will retain 3% as bank transfer fees and rest 97% of the price shall be transferred to Host. For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Q4: Can I impose extra rules on the guest?
A4: Yes, our platform allows the Hosts to set their own rules.

Q5: Can I ask the guest for extra documentation before arriving?
A5: Yes, the Host has the right to ask the guest for any legal documentation at arrival for accessing Hosts services. However, the Host shall make sure those documents are already mentioned their rules.

Q6: Can I cancel a confirmed booking?
A6: Yes, but we do not recommend it. You may lose your rating if you cancel any confirmed booking. Pleases refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Q7: Why should I accept to lower my prices (bidding Price)?
A7: Excellent question, by offering a lower starting price, you are ensuring more traffic and utilization of your property. We always start bid at lower price, to enable maximum bookings for Hosts and to get lower price for Guests.

Q8: Can I list my space for bidding at a price lower than 70% of ‘book now’ price?
A8: Yes, you can. By allowing lower bidding price the search engine will give you priority over other properties.

Q9: Can I list my space for bidding higher than 70% of book now price?

A9: No, you cannot start your bidding with price higher than 70% of ‘book now’ price.

Q10: How much Bid to Stay charges for its services to Hosts?
A10: We only charge 3% as bank transfer fees. Apart from this we don’t charge any fees to Hosts.

Q11: Should I include bid to stay service charge in my Prices?
A11: No, you do not have include any fees on top of your Prices as our services charges will added to the total price later when you list your property by us.

Q12: What happens if someone wins a bid?
A12: The bid will be converted into a confirmed booking, and you will receive a notice through an email.