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Bid to stay is an UAE company in Dubai city. Bid to Stay app is party of WAHAT AL AHSA PORTAL L.L. based on UAE and registered in Dubai Mainland with CR # 852475. it was established in 2019 By Mr.Basil Bukhamseen and Mr.Ayman Alibrahim, it is the ultimate solution for travelers who would like to travel with less rates by bidding!!! Yes biding.


Dubai City UAE مالك اليخ مسلم سالم مسلم بن حمد العامري - بور سعيد - استدامه - مكتب B (4-3)


Bid to Stay started in 2019 when two friends tried to book a luxury apartment in Dubai for a week for their trip but they could not afford and the host refused to go down in the price, 4 days later the host called Basil and said he was willing to go down with the price and the idea was born to Basil and Ayman.


The idea and business model is around a booking platform where we allow travelers to bid for their stay for either one night or multiple nights to mainly increase volume of nights being rented and cheaper rental rates for consumers, That’s how bid to stay was born.


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What if we created a platform to the travelers based on demand where prices are in the consumer hand and yet offers multiple dimensional bidding for the rooms on multiple nights. Bid to stay will also increase host rental nights and host will not lose the chance to rent his space if there is no demand on the higher price, in fact the price will be re-engineered to suit the market.

Frequently asked questions

Please refer to our cancellation policy section in Terms & Conditions. 

Your bid will turn into a confirmed booking if you are the highest bidder on the awarding date, or the host will accept your bid before the award date. Once either one of them happens, your bid will turn into a confirmed booking, then it will work just like any other direct booking.  

It is simple, there are two factors to be considered the date that you placed the bid and your arrival date. It is the first Wednesday you encounter after your booking once you are in the interval (33 days-8 days), to explain more:
a) If you place a bid while there is more than 27 days till your arrival date all Wednesdays you encounter will be ignored till you are in the interval of 27 days or less left to your arrival date it is the first Wednesday you encounter.
b) If you place a bid while there is less than 27 days or less but more than 8 days till your arrival date, in this case it will be the first Wednesday you encounter.
c) If you want to place a bid while there is less than 8 days till your arrival date unfortunately you will not be able to place a bid.
But do not worry our platform will display the awarding date when you visit a particular property. Therefore, you do not need to calculate the awarding date. (See bid awarding date attachment for more clarification)

it might be any of the following reason;
1. please make sure that there is at least eight days left for your arrival date.
2. You need to place a bid with price per night higher than the ‘book now’ price in order for you to be the highest bidder. 

bidding schedule allows you to see what bids are placed during the months with prices so you can choose a dates with ‘no bids’ so you can get better deals.

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